Product design / Mobile app / Art direction / Illustration / Copy

Plantful is more than just a store that sells plants. It's a place for exchanging ideas and knowledge through workshops. A place where everybody is welcome and the staff listens to you complain about your grumpy neighbour or just pets your dog. 


Plantful app was a concept that unfortunately never came to life. Well, you can't win them all. The app is a case study of not just giving its users value and the company another revenue stream, but it also reinforces and builds that good old brand image. I achieved this with a distinct, uncompromising aesthetic and thoughtful copywriting, aligning it with the brand image and packing it with extra character. However, the app is not just form over substance. It's packed with functionality. Users can buy Plantful products, join different workshops, and get all the necessary information about plants and care. On top of this, it has an internal chat that allows former plant lovers to exchange ideas and information. It's a lot, I know, but sometimes life is too short for compromises.

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