Pulz second hand

Landing page / UI design / Art direction

Pulz second hand needed a simple yet distinct website that reflected their eccentricity and visual language.

The 3 goals established before the start of the project were:

  • The website's primary function is to provide a place for Pulz to showcase its editorial projects.

  • On the website, visitors can find basic information like the location of the physical shop, opening hours and contact information.

  • And now for the fun part. The website should be visually distinctive, just enough in people's faces and very Pulz. This basically means cool and fun with some edge and plenty of orange.

The final website's main feature is a big responsive logotype which is the main highlight of the brand as well. The layout is super simple yet playful and very distinctive. There is plenty of contrast in the typography, and you guessed it right... a lot of orange.

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