Web3 / Zero knowledge / Protocol / Prduct design / Design system

Sismo is a protocol that leverages zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) and privacy-preserving technologies to enable users to aggregate their identities and selectively disclose personal data to applications. Our aim was to create a scalable and modular system, offering fast and foolproof integration for other developers.

At Sismo, I ensured a smooth UX and maintained a consistent UI across three modular Sismo products. These included the Data Vault, which allowed users to aggregate their personal data in a privacy-preserving manner; the Sismo Factory, for data groups and apps generation; and Sismo Connect, which was instrumental in generating Zero-Knowledge Proofs.

Our team engaged in extensive collaboration, conversing for countless hours with developers and spending countless weekends worldwide at hackathons. These interactions were crucial in understanding how developers utilized our products in real time. With all those gathered insights and the speedy iterations, we significantly improved the UX and streamlined integration processes for other developers.

To achieve a consistent UI across multiple products, I led the creation of a comprehensive Design System. It was comprised of 58 components, enabling both light and dark modes. Additionally, I ensured our Figma library remained up-to-date with the latest practices, including variables and component properties, to guarantee ease of use.

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